Introduction on Chongqing Creation Vocational College


Chongqing Creation Vocational College is a full-time private higher vocational college approved and registered by the Ministry of Education, with the qualification of issuing national diploma independently. It is one of the high-quality higher vocational colleges in Chongqing, the cultivation unit of high level higher vocational colleges in Chongqing, and the pilot unit of “Modern Apprenticeship” by the Ministry of Education. Founded in 1993, regarding fostering virtue through education as the fundamental task, and adhering to the educational principle of “Cultivating skills and talents, and building long-lasting achievements”, as well as the educational philosophy of “Educating people and morality, and advocating knowledge and skills” , the College, following “3+1” education mode and pursuing integration of industry and education, as well as cooperation between school and enterprise, has cultivated  tens of thousands of “Master many skills while specializing in one” technical and skilled talents that are welcomed by the society. The graduate employment rate has remained above 97%.

The College is located in Chongqing Yongchuan national high tech industrial development zone, adjacent to the 4A tourist scenic area of Tea Mountain and Bamboo Sea. As the College is one of the garden style units in Chongqing, in the College, trees make a pleasant shade, birds sing and flowers give forth their fragrance, and the environment is exquisite. The campus covers an area of 814.64 mu, with complete teaching and living facilities such as teaching building, training building, library, gymnasium, swimming pool and comprehensive sports ground. The campus covers an area of 321800 square meters, and the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 133 million yuan.

The College has set up teaching units such as intelligent manufacturing college, Artificial Intelligence College, Automobile Engineering College, Architectural Engineering College, Economic Management College, Art and Education College, Basic Teaching Department, etc., and has built six major clusters including intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, automobile engineering, finance and commerce, civil construction, art, and education which involves 38 majors that meet the needs of regional economic and social development. Besides, 7 practice bases of intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence, and 20 training centers were built.

The College has taken thorough efforts to promote projects of upgrading itself through cultivating talents, and has established a team of “double-qualified” teaching staff with noble ethics, advanced ideas, excellent professional skills, and reasonable structure, and featuring a certain international vision and a combination of full-time and part-time teachers to meet the requirements of higher vocational education. Among the team, teachers with senior professional and technical positions account for more than 30%, teachers with master’s degree account for more than 50%, and “double-qualified” teachers account for nearly 50%. In addition, the College also has a part-time teacher pool composed of industry enterprise executives, engineering and technical personnel and highly skilled personnel, with a large number of self-owned teachers and an excellent structure.

The College Adheres to its connotative development, and is committed to building a high-level vocational college. The College was successively entitled as the National Production Training Bases, the National “Double-qualified” Teacher Training Base, the National Collaborative Innovation Center, the National Machinery Industry Competence Evaluation Skill Test Station, National Advanced Collective of Private Education, National Model School for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of Private Colleges and Universities, National Mass Innovation Space, the First Batch of Chongqing Mass Innovation Space, Chongqing Model School Running by Law, Chongqing Graduates Employment Demonstration Center, Chongqing Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base, Chongqing Research and Study Travel Demonstration Base, Chongqing Advanced Collective Model for the 10th Anniversary of Chongqing Student Financial Assistance Work, Chongqing Language Standardization Demonstration School, and Chongqing First Advanced Organization for Youth Volunteer Service. The College has been appraised as one of the most competitive private vocational colleges in China by authoritative organizations such as China Science Evaluation Research Center and China Education Quality Evaluation Center of Wuhan University. The comprehensive strength of the College ranks the fourth in the national private higher vocational colleges, including the first in the equipment manufacturing category, the second in the electronic information category, the seventh in the innovation ability of teachers, and the tenth in the civil construction category. In the “Ranking of Top 20 National Private Vocational College Students’ Competition Ranking 2016-2020” released by the Chinese Association of Higher Education, the college ranks the fourth in China.

The College adheres to innovation and development, and is committed to improving the quality of personnel training and social service ability. Two municipal vocational education groups, Chongqing Artificial Intelligence Vocational Education Group and Chongqing Modern Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Vocational Education Group have been established. Among them, Artificial Intelligence Vocational Education Group is Chongqing model vocational education group. There are also four municipal level technology innovation and application service platforms: Chongqing Robot and Intelligent Equipment Science Popularization Base, Chongqing Industrial Robot Application Service Engineering Technology Research Center, Chongqing Science and innovation Intelligent Equipment Research Institute, Chongqing Intelligent Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation and Application-oriented Talent Training Base. The College takes “2+4” platform as the core, 7 application-oriented technology innovation and product research and development centers built by secondary colleges as the foundation, and 20 intelligent manufacturing technology innovation and talent training bases built by colleges and enterprises as the support to build a perfect technology innovation and social service system, and has carried out school-enterprise cooperation with nearly 300 large and medium-sized enterprises.The College adheres to open education, and is committed to expanding international exchange and cooperation. The college has signed a memorandum of cooperation with universities and industry enterprises in Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Cambodia and other countries to strengthen cooperation in professional personnel training, experimental training base construction, teaching staffconstruction and curriculum resources construction, jointly explore diversified school running mode of vocational education, and cultivate high-quality technical talents with international vision.

Chongqing is a land of great hope. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council have made a major strategic decision to build an inland open highland in Chongqing. Under the strong leadership of the Chongqing Municipal Committee and municipal government and strongly supported by the Yongchuan District Committee and the district government, the College stays true to its original intention, always keeps in mind its mission, increases the input, and pursues connotative development. According to the General Secretary’s “two points” position, “two places” and “two high” goals, “three roles” requirements and the major decision of promoting the coordinated development of education in Chongqing and Chengdu economic circles focusing on Chongqing, we should accelerate the high-quality development of Chongqing’s education, run vocational education to the satisfaction of the people, and make greater contributions to the national and regional economic and social development.