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News & Events

Training of Intelligent E-Commerce in the Era of Big Data for Intermediate and Senior Managerial Talents from Cambodia Successfully Completed


On June 18, Training of IntelligentE-Commerce in the Era of Big Data for Intermediate and Senior ManagerialTalents from Cambodia, sponsored by our college and co-organized by the AsiaPacific Economic and Social Cooperation Committee of the Kingdom of Cambodia,was successfully held on 10th floor in Lecture Hall of the library. More than200 people participated the ceremony, joined by President Dai Wei, Vice-Party SecretaryWu Jinling, Cambodian trainees, teachers, volunteers and other representativesof both teachers and students.

President Dai Wei, extended his sincerecongratulations to the Cambodian trainees who completed the course, and gavehis thanks to all staff who participated in this training. Dai stressed hishope for Cambodian students, who could put their knowledge to good use andstrive to build their own country. And he also expressed that this training wouldplay a positive role in promoting the development of industry 4.0 in Cambodia,would continue to facilitate cultural exchanges and cooperation between the twocountries and would nurture friendship between two sides. Later, Dai presented traineeswith certificates of completion and took a group photo with them.

Vice-President and Dr. Hong Bangsen fromNational University of Cambodia, Deputy Director Mr. Han Jinshun from VictimAssistance Organization of Mine Center of Cambodia, Deputy Director Ms. KongLinna from Doctor’s Association of Cambodian Youth Union,and Mr. Alex Kunfrom National University of Cambodia, respectively spoke as representatives oftrainees. They expressed their gratitude to the Chinese government for thetraining and to our service team, teachers and leaders. They all said that theylearned a lot of new experiences and skills during the training, and visitedleading enterprises in the industry to learned more about Chinese culture. Theyhoped that in the future, other Cambodian youth could also have the opportunityto attend the training in Chongqing. They expressed the conviction that thebenign bonds between China and Cambodia would be continuously strengthened andthe friendship between China and Cambodia would last forever.

Then, Vice-Party Secretary of ourcollege Wu Jinling , sent gifts to trainees who later performed the folk danceon the stage. Meanwhile, teachers of our college sang the famous song "AuldLang Syne" in both Chinese and English. The whole ceremony was filled withwarmth and enjoyable atmosphere. Finally, leaders from our college took a groupphoto with the Cambodian trainees, who visited the library, high-tech base aswell as other places after the ceremony.

This training, is not only an important moveof our college to implement the Belt and Road Initiative, but also a powerful stepto open our college-running and to promote cultural cooperation and exchangebetween the two countries. Chongqing Creation Vocational College will upholdthe faith of cultivating talents with excellent skills and building upachievements throughout ages. We will continue to devote ourselves to improvingthe quality of talents, to serving economic and social development, and to expandinginternational exchanges and cooperation.

The Ceremony

President Dai Wei was Delivering a Speech

President and Dr. Dai Wei was Issuing Certification ofCompletion to Trainees

Vice-President and Dr. Hong Bangsen from NationalUniversity of Cambodia was Delivering a Speech as Representative of Trainees

Deputy Director Mr. Han Jinshun fromVictim Assist Organization of Mine Center of Cambodia was Delivering a Speech

Deputy Director Ms. Kong Linna fromDoctor’s Association of Cambodian Youth Union was Delivering a Speech

Mr. Alex Kun from National University of Cambodia wasDelivering a Speech

Vice-Party Secretary Wu Jinling wasSending Presents to Trainees

Dance by Trainees from Cambodia

Auld Lang Syne by Our Teachers

A Visit to Showroom of PopularScience  

GroupPhoto of Leaders of Our College and Trainees from Cambodia