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Training of Intelligent E-Commerce in the Era of Big Data for Intermediate and Senior Managerial Talents from Cambodia


On May31, the opening ceremony of Training of Intelligent E-Commerce in the Era ofBig Data for Intermediate and Senior Managerial Talents from Cambodia,sponsored by our college and co-organized by the Asia-Pacific Economic and SocialCooperation Committee of the Royal Kingdom of Cambodia, was successfully heldin our college. 18 trainees from Cambodia will participate in the course.

With our elaboratepreparation, the training classes were taught by our famous professors andenterprise experts. They discussed with trainees from aspects such as developingpath for cross-border e-commerce enterprises, Alibaba international dataanalysis and marketing, foreign trade service center for new localization of Alibaba,UNSCM cross-border all-course supply chain services, security andauthentication mechanism of e-commerce under big data mode, and application ofits technology, etc.

On thesame day, professor Ning Ping, Dean of Automotive Engineering Department, andan assessment expert of environmental impact and comprehensive evaluation in Chongqing,gave her lecture on the theme of Influence on Southeast Asia Economy and Tradeunder the Belt and Road Initiative in the Building of Science and Technology. Sheinterpreted the close bonds and frequent trade between China and southeastAsian countries, and the impact on trade cooperation of southeast Asiancountries and their cultural development under the Belt and Road Initiative.

Professor Ning Ping was Giving Her Lecture

ProfessorAi Zhonghua, representative of Chongqing Municipal People's Congress, General Managerof Chongqing Jinguoyuan Trading Co Ltd, and Vice-Chairman of China FruitMarketing Association, interpreted the conception of cross-boarder e-commerce,its development and future trend on the theme of Development for Cross-Border E-CommerceEnterprises. Through the study, trainees were more familiar with the frontiertheories of cross-border e-commerce, and their understanding of thecharacteristics and developing rules of cross-border e-commerce were also beenhanced.

Professor Ai Xhonghua was Giving Lecture to CambodianTrainees

On June1, professor Liu Qian, General Manager of Chongqing Yintelai Management & ConsultingCo Ltd, Secretary of Chongqing Supply Chain and Education Committee, senior logisticianof foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce teacher, explained to trainees onthe theme of Upload of Products and Shop Management from perspectives ofcross-border e-commerce and foreign trade logistics. Trainees listenedcarefully and interacted actively during class. After class, they stillexchanged ideas with professor Liu. Trainees said that the lecture was of greatpractical significance.

Professor Liu Qian was Interpreting Cross-BorderE-Commerce and Logistics of Foreign Trade on the Theme ofUpload ofproducts and Shop Management for Sellers

On June 2, thedelegation of Cambodian students visited a famous scenic spot Dazu Stone-Carving,a world cultural heritage site in Chongqing. The large scale, exquisitely-carvedgrotto art attracted the students, who gained a deeper understanding oftraditional Chinese aesthetic ideas and Chinese cultural characteristics.

 Cambodian Trainees were Visiting the Dazu Stone-Carving

In the evening, the appreciation activityof Chinese poetry and painting was held in the library. Tian Ye, a master ofcalligraphy and painting, and Li Yuanhua, a teacher from our College of Art,brought their works: Sending off Lin Zifang at Jingci Temple in the Daybreak,Morning Plum and Sending off Xin Jian at Furong Building. Studentsperformed with zither and Butterfly Lovers with piano ensemble, whichled Cambodian trainees to get a better understanding of traditional Chinese art.After on-the-spot teaching by our teachers, trainees also wrote down seven-wordspring couplets and the Chinese character Fu, which refers to blessing.They all learned the beauty of calligraphy and painting written by their ownhands, and further appreciated the charm of Chinese culture. Vice-President FengGang attended the event and delivered a speech.

OnJune 3, Liu Chuanyun, the former European Region Sales Director from ChongqingLiangying Industry and Trade Co Ltd and Regional Training Lecturer forChongqing from Alibaba Group, gave a lecture titled Alibaba International Data Analysisand Marketing.With his rich experience in e-commerce project development, healso systematically analyzing the marketing strategies under the era of bigdata.